YAM & GARDEN EGG SAUCE – Ingredients and Preparation Method


  • Chicken
  • 2 large Egg plants
  • 3 Red bell pepper
  • 2 large onions
  • 1 cooking spoon of
    palm oil
  • 3-4 Ata rodo peppers
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 Seasoning cubes
  • 1 teaspoon of mixed spices

Special Method of Preparation:
 Cut, wash, season and cook chicken and set aside
 Wash the egg plants and put into a pot of already boiling water
 When soft, remove and place in cool water
 Peel the skin – optional (I used mine with the skin)
 Cut into smaller sizes and put into a blender
 Add one onion and all the peppers
 Blend roughly (for just few seconds) or use a mortar to grind roughly (you
don’t need a smooth puree)
 Chop the remaining onions and set aside
 Set a pot on fire and pour in the palm oil (you can also use vegetable oil)
 When hot, put in your chopped onions and fry
 Pour in the blended eggplant and pepper mix and fry for about 5 minutes
stirring continuously with a wooden spatula to avoid burning
 Add your chicken and a little chicken stock (you can use any meat/fish, the
choice is yours)
 Add the spices, seasoning cubes and salt to taste
 Cook until the oil begins to float on top and then your sauce is ready.
You can enjoy it with boiled yam, plantain, potatoes etc ( to prepare yam, wash
and boil with the skin until soft then I peel and slice into rings. Then garnish with
spring onions.


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