FRIED YAM – Ingredients and the Basic Method of Preparation


  • 1/2 Tuber Medium
    Of Yam
  • Vegetable Oil
    (enough quantity to deep-fry
    the yam)
  • Salt To Taste

Special Method of Cooking:

Step 1: Start by peeling, rinsing and slicing your yam into small chunks, preferably
rectangular chunks. Place them in a deep bowl, add water to cover and salt to taste.
Soak the yam in the salt water for 2 minutes, discard the water thereafter, leaving just
about 5 tablespoons.
Step 2: Get a pot, wok or any slightly deep pan, place it on a hob on low to medium
heat, add the vegetable oil into it. When the oil is hot, carefully add the yam along
with the water. Important tip: Be careful when adding the yam into the the oil to avoid
splattering and accidents.
Step 3: You must add water to the oil because the the water cooks the yam first before
it’s fried. This is particularly important otherwise the yam won’t cook properly.
Fry the yam on all sides until crisp or slightly browned.
Ensure the heat is on low to medium throughout the frying process. This is so the yam
fries inside and out and not just cook on the outside and raw inside.
When it’s all fried, set aside.
Serve with stew or fish/vegetable sauce.


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