Catholic Bishops Tells Government No Peace Without Justice

The President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), Archbishop Akubeze, Has addressed to Nigerian youths and fellow Nigerians today according to Nigerian Tribune. The Nigerian Tribune Reads:

I send you greetings from the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) on this occasion of the widespread protest calling for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force.

“It is remarkable and quite commendable that this protest is being led by the youths of Nigeria who are tired of suffering from the brutality and injustices perpetrated by officers of the SARS and the Nigeria Police Force as a whole.

“There is hardly any Nigerian who has not directly or indirectly encountered the crude and inhuman manner the SARS officials deal with citizens of this country. The youths are therefore simply calling for justice not just for themselves, but for the entire nation so that Nigeria can have peace. Whereas the Federal Government keeps asking for peace and calm in the face of every crisis, the present agitation shows that our youths have run out of patience and are tired of the lip-service paid by the government of the day towards a just and peaceful society.

“We unequivocally add our voice to those of our youths and that of every well-meaning Nigerian to condemn the excesses and the horrible operations of this police unit and the bad omen they portend to our democracy.

“The Government of Nigeria must realise that anyone who desires peace, must work for and cherish justice since there can be no true peace where injustice is the order of the day as it is in Nigeria today.

“We need to also remind ourselves that peace is not the absence of war because wherever there is injustice, war has already been declared on the people. Thus, the cries of our children protesting against the brutality of the SARS that manifests in extra-judicial killings, unlawful arrests, profiling of youths as criminals, the invasion of their privacy by searching phones and laptops without any warrant or any just cause, and the incarceration of many of the youths in the SARS custody without trial, are all cries for justice.

“We the members of the CBCN have followed the protests with keen interest and call on the Federal Government of Nigeria once again to listen to the cry for justice so that peace can reign in our country.

“The protest seems to have a life of its own and it is spreading all over the country; this shows that most Nigerians are facing the same oppression and brutality inflicted by the SARS. We urge the Federal Government to fulfil its primary constitutional responsibility of securing life and property of every Nigerian and provide opportunities for our children to realise their God-given potentials.



Source : Nigerian Tribune


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