9 Basic Steps on How to Apply for Trader Moni Loan Recruitment in Nigeria

Trader Moni Loan

Trader moni is the federal government empowerment initiative to help small scale business owners. If you applied successfully, you will receive a minimum of 10,000 loans without collateral.

In this post, I am going to show you basic step by step on how to apply successfully on the trader moni website.

7 Requirements For The Trader Moni Application

  1. The applicant must be a good citizen of Nigeria.
  2. The person must have an active bank account number in any of the commercial banks.
  3. Applicants must have a national identity card or voters card.
  4. For market Moni loan the applicant must have a lockup shop.
  5. All applications must pass through the bank of industry website [boi].
  6. Two guarantors are needed for trader moni.
  7. A very good business plan is needed.


9 Basic Steps On How to Apply for Trader Moni Loan Recruitment

The 9 steps of the procedure below will help you through on how to apply for Trader Moni without any issues

  1. Visit the Trader Moni Loan login portal at  https://www.boi.ng/
  2. Navigate the page and click the “Apply for loan now” button
  3. Next, select “Register here”
  4. Provide the correct information about yourself. (Name, phone number, email etc)
  5. A verification link and tracking code will then be sent to the email you provided
  6. Now click on the verification link to log in.
  7. Once logged in, complete the application form, save and click on “continue”
  8. You will be sent an email confirming that the application has been received
  9. You will be informed of the next step, you should take. Good Luck..


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